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Inch by Inch … A cuckold’s poem to his Goddess

A beauty from the beginning
With a smile beyond compare
In a way she was always winning
As she grew up inch by inch
Stronger than most from early on
Making her place in the world
Taking obstacles and making them gone
As the woman matured inch by inch
Talents on the phone, teaching in school
She put God’s gifts to use
Obeying her upbringing, living by the rule
She slowly evolved inch by inch
Meeting Chris on one fateful night
Countless hours as their bond blossomed
Feeling deep in her heart that it was finally right
Their connection grew inch by inch
Learning together through trial and time
A new path emerged to change them both
Finding new pleasure real and sublime
As the truth sunk in inch by inch
Exploring the world around her
In ways never expressed before
New passions within began to stir
As she stepped forward inch by inch
Virginity lost and new lovers sought
Her boyfriend limited but she now limitless
Finding life in a way that she knew she ought
She broke out of her shell inch by inch
Never believing her life’s love would be a boy
She mourned what could have been
Yet finding that training him brought her great joy
She turned him into a cuck inch by inch
Believing in size the measure of a man
That his pleasure made her feel complete
She learned to give everything she can
As she took him deeply inch by inch
One lover, sometimes two, always a need
An insatiable desire emerged from the deep
Blessed to be one, and even more to breed
She became a mother inch by inch
Buttons undone, skirt on the floor
Returning the favor, his clothing removed
Bra unclasped, panties exist no more
Lovers skin emerges inch by inch
Large breasts for large hands
His touch confident and strong
Pleasure more abundant than grain of sands
Exploring the other inch by inch
A chair in the corner, occupied by Chris
A bed of sighs and moans so close
She didn’t want one sight for him to miss
As he watched everything inch by inch
Bodies connecting, lips joined in heat
Fitting together as though meant to be
Exploding within, she is finally complete
As his cum fills her inch by inch
In the morning light, she straddles his face
Tired but elated from a night with men
Offers Chris breakfast, she knows his place
As she feeds her love inch by inch
Rick emerges again, his desire strong
As she feels the deep void inside
Together they move, passionately along
Man and woman, inch by inch
Julie and Chris, a tale yet to be told    
As she craves what he cannot provide
Kissing Rick deeply to let him know
Chris has failed, inch by inch …
© By Cuck Chris
May 2016

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Caught in the Middle…

I want her love yet I want her scorn
Of which I want more I am constantly torn
I want her caress yet I want her slap
I want her open arms to feel like a trap

I want her respect yet I want her disdain
I want a soft kiss yet long for true pain
I want her to tell me I am the only one for her
Yet I want to see her with another, happy and secure

I want her to invite me so we can finally touch
To feel her skin and taste her lips I’ve needed so much
Yet when I arrive she is dressed for a date
Wishing she could stay but she just can’t be late

I want to wake with her next to me in bed
To feel her against me, my chest against her head
Yet I want her to tell me to leave for the night
As she pleasures another, believing it’s what’s right

I want her to tell me she loves me complete
Yet tells me I am lacking as she is swept off her feet
I want her to be proud of me and of my success
Yet she tells her lover “You are much better than Chris”

I want to hear her tell me those two words “I do”
To offer me her life as we embark upon something new
Yet I want her wedding dress removed by a dominant man
Who can consummate our vows like I never can

© By Cuck Chris
September 2012

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